Multi-Use Trail Park Place Stone Mountain
Project Name: Multi-Use Trail Park Place to Stone Mountain
Start Date: NA
Completed Date:

This project will build a paved ten (10) ft wide multi-use trail from the Park Place Activity Center to the Main Gate of Stone Mountain Park along the south side of US 78 from West Park Place Blvd. Project to include pedestrian lighting, benches and trash receptacles. The planning for this project was originally identified in the Park Place Activity Center Study that was completed in August 2007. The CID requested funding pre-qualification from the ARC in June 2008. Project received pre-qualification status in 2009. Project has not been programmed in the ARC Transportation Improvement Plan. Project will need to compete with other regional projects for federal funding if Evermore chooses to move forward with the initiative. Project will also require ARC approval for programming and funding. Project is length approximately 1.0 miles.