Landscape and Right-of-Way Maintenance Progra …
Project Name: Landscape and Right-of-Way Maintenance Program
Start Date: 2011
Completed Date: Ongoing

The Evermore CID works hard to ensure the Right-of-Way remains clean and safe throughout the district. The CID accepted proposals in late 2020 for the 2021 landscape services and currently works with Visionscapes, Inc to perform all regular landscape maintenance services. Mulch was installed in late 2020 throughout the entire district. The CID works with Kelly Landscape to perform routine street sweeping services. In addition, the CID works closely with Gwinnett’s Quality of Life unit to ensure our properties remain within Gwinnett’s code enforcement standards and areas remain free of excess trash and debris. We value the cleanliness of the district and maintain routine upkeep to ensure the CID remains a viable live, work, play environment.