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Posted: 7/10/2012
Evermore CID Votes to Continue Current Millage Rate for 2012
By Staff
During a special called meeting held Monday, July 9th, Evermore CID Board Members voted to continue the current Millage Rate of 5 mils for 2012-2013. 
The Chairman of the CID, Chris Garner said that while the millage remained the same, because of the diminished valuation of property, the CID would actually receive about 8% less revenue. He said that with a recent budget revision, passed by the Board of Directors, the CID’s budget remains in balance. He continued by saying, “We will have to tighten our belts and focus of the services we provide to ensure that we deliver the best possible services for the greatest value to the property owners.”  
In a 5-0 vote, Board Members elected to keep the rate the same as the previous year. With the exception of 2009, where it was reduced to 4 mils, the CID Board has elected to continue the same millage rate since 2007.
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